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Are you planning to modify your WordPress website and turn it to an online store?
You're anytime support partner – WPSupport Online walks mile to mile and network to network with you.

Finding a support partner that can help you fix minor to major WordPress issues isn't easy. With WPSupport Online, you will never fail to debug errors and fix them. We have a team of experts who are well versed and have extensive knowledge of WordPress.

At times, it so happens that there isn't much to be done on the website and requires only a small fix. It could be an installation error or a bad payment gateway or just a plugin mismatch. Paying a huge support fee doesn't appear economical and we understand that.

To deal with this, we have introduced a whole new support feature that works on an hourly plan. Based on the total hours served, we charge our customers and help them get over all bugs and issues, in a cost-effective way.

$49, that's what you are supposed to pay for an hour. However, we suggest our clients have a detailed discussion prior to placing an order or scheduling a service. Professionals at WPSupport Online are always up and active to sit and discuss your issues and based on the requirements, suggest the hours needed to fix the same.

We are just a call away.

For more details, check out the different support services offered by us!


No matter how stellar your website is, design issues or software glitches happen and there isn't anything you can do, but call us. Our experts take care of all your WordPress issues such as:

  • WordPress configurations
  • Theme installation
  • Any changes in the design through theme settings or custom CSS
  • Configuring changes in themes or updating theme
  • Small modifications in functional component that are not working in a way as intended.
  • Small HTML and JavaScript changes
  • Fixing forms that doesn’t work properly
  • WP or WooCommerce version updates
  • Plugin Updates or modification
  • Visual Composer Issues
  • WooCommerce site Issues
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateways
  • WooCommerce order emails Issues.
  • WooCommerce updates
  • WooCommerce Track Shipment


WooCommerce stores are always on the run and a single mishap might cause the business to stop. Where some might ask you to leave a request, we embed an interface of live support. Whether it is prior to dawn or post dusk, our support staff is ready to help you quickly fix all your WooCommerce store issues.


Couldn't find your issue in the above list, don't worry. We extend our support services to additional needs like:

  • Making changes in Website Content & Images through uploading and deletion
  • Layout modification of the theme
  • Creating a new landing page
  • Customization of a theme (add or remove any feature/section)
  • Add/Delete/update Web pages
  • Add/Delete/update your WordPress posts
  • Customizing the color of your website/theme as per your brand identity/need.
  • Plugin Installation and configuration
  • Correcting the issues related to mobile-friendliness and cross-browser renderin
  • WordPress Gallery implementation using free plugins
  • Creation of contact or query forms in WP or Squarespace
  • Appending and Enabling Google analytics code to your WP website.
  • Adding contact form or newsletter signup forms through Aweber/Mailchimp.
  • Deleting/Disabling spam comments
  • Adding/Deleting images or other media in your WordPress site.
  • Taking Backup of your site (you need to purchase the backup service)
  • Any other updates and revisions.
  • Clearing broken links, dead links, or blank pages.
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